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Server install error - stream write error

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I am trying to install Alteryx Server 2020.4 onto an appropriately sized Windows VM.  And after I choose a directory, it fails after about 1 minute with the following error:


Runtime error in setup script
Source File: SRC Alteryx
Line Number: 1050
Stream write error


Any ideas?


Thanks, -Chris

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As you have already addressed the size concern, next thing I would check is if the account using which you have logged in to the server to install Server have write permission to the directory you have chosen.  


if yes, please try to install the same version package in a different server (just to rule out there are no issues with the installation package) 


Installation package should be obtained from License downloads portal.!account 



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Thanks.  It turns out, the issue appears to have been resolved by increasing the size of the C drive from 30 GB to 100 GB.  Which makes little sense, because we were deploying to the D drive (the install file was also on the D drive), which had 1.2 TB free.


If the install needs X GB of space on the C drive it should say so in the documentation.  Oh well.