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Server in Combination with Parameterized Workflow




I have a user who does not have an Alteryx license or Alteryx familiarity, however, he has had 2 workflows produced specifically for him and published to the Alteryx Gallery.  Currently these workflows meet his needs, however, in the near future we will need to make these workflows project-specific.  I'm hoping to avoid creating n workflows for n projects.


The solution I'm thinking of would be to include a filter in the workflow that's a parameter the person selects when they kick it off.  Since he doesn't have Alteryx Designer, though, I think the only way to do that would be to have the parameters appear for him in the Gallery whenever he runs the workflow.  I need confirmation that this is possible, however.  I've done a little research, but haven't gotten a conclusive answer.


Thanks!  Kurt


Hello @kurtwz,


This is possible through the use of Analytic Apps. There are a set of Interface tools located in the tool palette that allow you to create the user prompts that will allow the user to select what they would like to filter on. When you drop down an interface tool, you will see a lightning bolt icon appear on each tool in your workflow, signifying that your workflow has converted into an analytic app. Simply upload this workflow to your gallery and the user will now be able to directly alter the workflow based on your established user prompts. 


There is a community post that outlines how to set this up specifically for the filter tool here: