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Server User Population List

6 - Meteoroid

As Admin, is there a way to pull a list of all users, their role, and last usage date for the Server? 

12 - Quasar

hey @Jeff_Neklason 

The Alteryx Server Usage Report is the best shout for this! 
Theres a video demo on that here:

and more up-to-date written guide here:

This will export a whole bunch of useful data to either a PDF or Tableau workbook, and will include all your requirements (users, roles, last usage date...)!

In the case this doesn't pull enough data, or you need a more customised approach, it is possible to connect to the servers mongodb with a mongodb input tool, and then you are able to extract the information directly! The credentials for this are found in the system settings of the server machine, under Persistence:


You will need to use the non-Admin password!

Hope this helps!