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Scheduling gallery workflows to run after one another

10 - Fireball

I have 3 standalone workflows to do different analyses/file manipulations, but there is a case when I would want to use all three strung together on right after another.


I have them scheduled to run a minute after each other, but since they take an unknown amount of time (multiple hours) I can't find a good way to actually chain these 3 together without just assuming a worst case timing and having them run days apart from one another.


I've seen people say use the events/run command to kick off the next workflow, but then the 3 will be forever chained and I could never use only 1 independently.


Am I doomed to have 3 chained workflows, and then re-upload 3 unchained workflows? That would really add some confusion and clutter to the gallery.


Please I hope someone has figured out how to schedule a series of workflows!

10 - Fireball

You could use the runners from the Crew Macro pack from @AdamR_AYX. This would kind of do the same as the events tab/run command option you mentioned but also means you only need to maintain those three workflows because the runners will point at the independent workflows. This means that if you make a change in one of the workflows it automatically reflects in the runner workflow. However, this still means four workflows on the server (1 runner and three independent).


If you could use analytic apps then it would be a bit different. Then you could conditionally turn off parts of your runner workflow (with a tool container) and only run a selection of it (this being 1 workflow or all three).