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Scheduling Workflows on Gallery

8 - Asteroid



We just upgraded our server to v 2020.4.5.12471.  This upgrade changed the schedule display.  


Here is the major issue:  Our users have many schedules; some have > 50 schedules.  On password change day, they have to go into each individual schedule to update their password.  This was tedious in the previous version.  In this new version, even more clicks are now required to do this. 


Previously: navigate to Gallery, click on schedules page, find schedule, click pencil icon, update credentials, click save, find next schedule


Now: navigate to Gallery, click on schedules page, find schedule, click on schedule name, click edit, update credentials, click save, click on schedules page again, figure out where you left off (because there are always multiple pages of schedules, and this returns you to page one), find next schedule. 


This in combination with the fact that the sort functionality does not work on the schedules page (i.e. I cannot sort by Owner) really makes it extremely frustrating for our users on password change day. 


Using Shared Credentials is not an option because it compromises our data security.


Alteryx - please fix these simple issues.  And please stop saying that "it will be in a future release" or "that's a feature request".  


Thank you.



10 - Fireball

I share your pain.  I had to get special security exceptions for Alteryx service accounts, with non-expiring passwords, to ease this burden of updating credentials for scheduled jobs.


That does sound painful. Thanks for pointing it out.