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Scheduler & Sharepoint

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I receive mutiple Excel files to my Outlook inbox every day that I then use within a few Alteryx workflows.  I currently have these Excel files automatically moving from my Outlook inbox to a location within our company network, however this requires me to be logged in to my PC to function properly. 


To get around having to keep my PC on, I've set up a Microsoft Flow to move these attachments to our Sharepoint Online site. I can connect to the files on Sharepoint when working in Designer via either the directory tool or the input tool, but when I open my workflow in Scheduler the connections are broken (Invalid Directory), and I cannot determine how to fix them.


Is Alteryx Scheduler able to read Excel files from Sharepoint? Any workarounds for this? 


I've tried OneDrive and run into the same problem.

7 - Meteor

Hello hashiniparam, 


From what I have learned while trying to troubleshoot this it appears to be an issue related to how authentication is handled. When jobs are running in the Alteryx server they are running as a sub process. This becomes an issue when SharePoint prompts for credentials / authentication. 




As @AndrewK correctly pointed out this is because of how Sharepoint authenticates. The Alteryx scheduler runs workflows as part of the service in session 0 which is a non-interactive session. As such when SharePoint requests credentials in this manner the authentication automatically fails because the credential prompt can't be rendered to the screen or responded to.

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Hi Jared, is this solution worked when you schedule the workflow on Alteryx server?

6 - Meteoroid

Hi, do you have a screenshot of that UNC path? Couldn't find the description field...

6 - Meteoroid

I managed to get this solution to work but for some reason I cannot save the programme to the gallery. It can be saved to my local drive but not the gallery. Did anyone also come across issue like that?

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Hey @Jared_Durer 

Nice work around! Ever had to build into this the functionality to grab the most recent file in that document library to copy out? If so, I'd be very interested to know how you went about it!