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Runs fine on Designer, errors on Server?


I have a small workflow that will send an email through an SMTP server (external exe does the sending so it can handle authentication with the server).


Everything runs beautifully on my local machine. I've moved the necessary files over the the server, run it, receive my email, but then the gallery reports back to me that there was an error:




The run command that uses my EXE to send the email is the last thing that runs, so I'm not sure what could be throwing up and error considering I successfully get the email.


I've also set the workflow events so that it sends an email to me after the workflow runs (error or error free), but I never get anything.


Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!


Hi @StephenMack,

I'm  wondering if your if your issue is related to this one:  Have you already checked that particular posting?


I would be interested to know if the .exe file is your 'Output' configuration for the Run Command Tool.