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Running Alteryx Server on a port other than 80

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I'd like to reserve port 80 on my server for a reverse proxy that Alteryx Server would sit behind.  Anything off the box could still connect using 80, but locally I'd like to configure it to use something else.  Is this possible?

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12 - Quasar



I had a client who also asked this question, and the i finally found the solution. The configuration consist of two steps:


1. The first thing you have do do is to define the port in the configuration under gallery. For example http://localhost:8080/gallery

2. Second step is to edit "C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\RuntimeData\RuntimeSettings.xml". Make sure to make a backup first. There is a node called <ServicePort>80</ServicePort> which you change to the wished port. For example <ServicePort>8080</ServicePort>.


Hope this solves your issue - it solved mine 🙂






The Service Port can be currently only be modified by manually editing a key configuration file called "RuntimeSettings.xml."  It's important to note that there are two files with this name installed on a Server:


    1. As @danielbrun indicates, there is a read-only file called RuntimeSettings.xml installed in the root Alteryx installation folder, which by default is C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\RuntimeData\RuntimeSettings.xml.  This is the core settings configuration file used by Alteryx and must never be edited.
    2. There is a second file called RuntimeSettings.xml located at C:\ProgramData\Alteryx\RuntimeSettings.xml.  This file is created and modified by the Alteryx System Settings dialog, and contains settings overridden from the base configuration file in (1).


**Please note that the settings should only ever be modified using the Alteryx System Settings dialog, as incorrect or incomplete settings could prevent your server from running correctly.**


That said, I would encourage you to reach out to your support contact at Alteryx prior to performing any manual modification of your Server configuration.  This is especially important if you are running a multiple-node Server installation, as all nodes will need their Controller information updated.  Similarly, Alteryx Designer users using the Scheduler will also be impacted by the change.


If you "must" change the Service Port, however, the following checklist will suffice:

    1. Schedule planned Server downtime with your Server users
    2. Stop the Server (using the Service Control Manager or Services tab in Task Manager)
    3. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Alteryx\
    4. Create a copy of the file RuntimeSettings.xml
    5. A an Administrator, start Notepad and open RuntimeSettings.xml
    6. Under the "Controller" section of the XML, add the tag <ServicePort>your_desired_service_port</ServicePort>
    7. Save the RuntimeSettings.xml file
    8. Start the Server (using the Service Control Manager or Services tab in Task Manager)
    9. Verify Server operation



Steve A


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Hi All,

In RuntimeSettings.xml located at C:\ProgramData\Alteryx\RuntimeSettings.xml.  Under the "Controller" section of the XML, <ServicePort>your_desired_service_port</ServicePort> iam not able to see this line. can you please let know why it is so?




Hi @Tharashasank,


If you don't see a key in the C:\ProgramData\Alteryx\RuntimeSettings.xml file, that means its value is defaulted.  Adding a new key or changing its value will override its defaulted value, and Alteryx will consume the new value the next time the software starts.


You can see all of the defaulted values for RuntimeSettings by looking at the base settings file, which contains the keys for all of Alteryx.  The file is located under the Alteryx bin directory, in <alteryx_bin_dir>\RuntimeData\RuntimeSettings.xml.  Please, do not edit this base settings file.



Steve A.


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Hi Steve,


I am not seeing the alteryx service in the services list . can you please let me know what would be the reason.






Hi @Tharashasank,



Assuming you ran the Alteryx Server installer you should see the AlteryxService listed in the Services list.


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Hi @Tharashasank


If you recently upgraded Alteryx, sometimes due to user permissions, the AlteryxService may not get reinstalled to Windows Services.  You can manually install the service from the command line.  Try the following:


To reinstall:


  1. Open a Windows Command Prompt as an Administrator; in the Windows Search Box type cmd, right click the Windows Command Prompt and select Run as administrator.
  2. Change into the Alteryx\bin directory
    i.e. cd “\Program Files\Alteryx\bin”
    You can find the directory Alteryx has been installed in by right clicking the Designer icon on the desktop, clicking Properties and looking at the Target folder.
  3. In the \bin directory type the following:
    AlteryxService install

 This should return the AlteryxService to your Task Manager Services or Services console.  From there you should be able to start up the service.