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Restore of 11.4 to 2018.4


After taking a backup on Alteryx server 11.4 then restoring on 2018.4 on a new server I have the following issue:


{"data": null,"exceptionName": "UnavailableException","innerExceptionMessage": "","message": "The system is currently undergoing maintenance. Please try your request again later."}


With the logs saying:

2018-11-29 15:23:26.814046,FATAL,1,Runner,MigrateDatabase,,,,localhost,,,,,,Database requires migration from 18 to 21. Attempting to obtain lock...,
2018-11-29 15:23:26.814046,FATAL,1,Runner,MigrateDatabase,,,,localhost,,,,,,...lock could not be obtained. Another process is likely performing a migration. Please standby.,


It looked like during the restore it completed, but clearly not. it's been in the same state for an hour, is there any isssues with restoring older version backups?


Hi Alex,


I'm wondering if you have contacted Alteryx support by now. I see this post has been up since November. I believe there was an upgrade in the MongoDB version Alteryx uses between 11.4 and 18.4. You will want to make sure you upgrade Alteryx and your MongoDB together instead of trying to restore an old one to an existing installation of Alteryx 18.4