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Restart workflows after crash

8 - Asteroid

Please advise, how can we manage automatically restarting of workflows in case of crashing.

Imagine situation:

  1. we have scheduled workflow.
  2. Workflow runs due to schedule.
  3. During running some crash happened:
    1. data source|target is unavailable,
    2. service is unexpectedly stopped, etc.
  4. We have to restart crashed workflows to repeat data processing in two cases:
    1. when workflow is finished with error
    2. when service crashed/restarted - to resume/restart crashed workflows 


How can we do it? For example - set up several attempts until success.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

There is not an "automatic rerun" option available. However, you can replicate this using the Events option. 


Essentially, you can add an event to run after the workflow completes with errors. You'd create an event to use the Alteryx engine command along with the workflow to run after this failure. It would keep doing this until successful. See this link for more information:




Other options are to use the Conditional runner Crew Macro or to schedule your workflow to run every couple of minutes.


Hope this helps!

8 - Asteroid

Thanks for response.

Can I somehow manage gallery schedule from command line?

If I use Events option, I would like to not run workflow immediately after Errors, but schedule it one hour later via Gallery API.