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Regarding DevOps for Alteryx


Hi All,


I am trying to implement DevOps for Alteryx workflows on Alteryx server. 


I have been trying different ways to implement continuous deployment from development to production environment,automated testing and versioning for my alteryx workflows.


Would like to get some expertise suggestion on how to implement DevOps efficiently on Alteryx Server.


Thanks in advance for your valuable comments. 



9 - Comet

I think you'll need to invent your own methods using this highly malleable tool. 

It is very easy to transpose for compare.

Lacking global variables, it isn't so easy to port from one environment phase to another


I generally do a prod parallel to different output then compare to prod.

You might build input data of test cases to run.


Gallery supports versioning but private studios lack the controlled stability of production so we use yxmd files.


There's very much a heretical freestyle to it compared to tools rooted in IT dogma that is reflected in the names (private studio, artisans, gallery) which you'll encumber by forcing into a rigid project protocol. Definitely more craftsman and artist oriented than engineering oriented. We are having some success with letting uses evolve from single-user, to user team, to inter-department, to enterprise. Rules get tighter as use progresses. Protective and preventative measures are most often added after errors occur.


Thanks @hroderick-thr for your valuable feedback.


As per your expertise, is there a way to automate fetching the latest version from say a versioning tool like BitBucket. So that before every run it picks up the latest version from the version control tool rather than manually importing the packaged workbook into the designer before each run.



9 - Comet

You could (but I wouldn't want to) build an app that extracted latest version then do a run command tool to run it.


We will likely land on different private galleries for steps in our promotion ladder. Galleries have quite good version control and can run the published (usually the latest) version.


Thanks @hroderick-thr for your expertise comments.