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Publishing chained apps to Gallery

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I have found a few discussions on the topic but no one that gave fully answer to my problem. I have an app with three chained workflows where I have chained them using Interface Designer as follows,


Workflow 1:



Workflow 2:



All of the three workflows runs without errors from Designer. The issue comes when publishing to the Gallery. After some trial and error I have resulted in the following bundling when publishing. I.e I de-select everything except for the two chained workflows. 

Both the subsequent workflows are reading input data from files and database. 



However, when publishing this to the Gallery, only the first workflow is saved without errors. For the other two workflows, I receive errors that none of the input files are found or the limit is reached.


Should I do something differently when grouping the assets? Or when chaining the apps? 



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Following, having the same issue

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Hi @sandrajansson ,


Do you use the input file that the previous workflow outputs?


If you use the input file that the previous workflow outputs, it must be set the relative path and the file must be included when publishing to the gallery.


Please check it.

If you have any questions, let me know.


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For me, I am not using the output from the previous app. 


I think the issue I have, I am using a network drive to save my workflows locally but the Gallery Server doesn't have access to folder location. When I package the app2 to app1 it does the 30 sec fail.


Is it possible to chain apps on the Gallery that can't access the app2 file location? Is is possible for App2 to be on Gallery and chain to it? 


I have tried the, no folder location but use app2.yxwz but when I go to workflow assets it says it is Missing.  





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Hi @KevinHarrison


If the app need the location that the Server can't access, the workflow is not work.

But there is the option of "set the workflow credential". I do not try it.

Please see this discussion.



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Hi @AkimasaKajitani 

Sorry for late response, I have tried your suggestion below by setting all files to relative paths and including them when uploading to the Gallery but without any luck. 


All three chained apps works fine running them separately from Designer but when saving to the gallery I am receiving errors for the second workflow such as 'Tool #<tool id>: Parse Error at char(XX): Unknown variable "Sheet names"' for input tools. So it feels like it doesn't find the files?

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I think what is wrong. But I have to know the detail of the Workflow. Can you share the screenshot of workflow?


Or the trouble point is the "Sheet names".
So, you can take the option that is not using excel file for output to app2.

Normally, I use the yxdb for input format of app2.

Yxdb don't have no sheets. So if you don't use Excel, it may be solved.


Hi @sandrajansson 


Thank you for reaching out, Are any of the workflows/chained apps using the same file read/write. Perhaps a copy of the workflow. what happens if you select Group Assets by Tool when uploading the workflow. This should show individual references for each tool.
Please also provide a screenshot of the error message.

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Hi @miteshnarottam 


The first chained app reads files from an ftp location and stores them on the C: drive as xlsx files. The gallery and the desktop are both on the same server where this C: folder is located. Hence the first app does not output any files itsef. 


Both the second and third app have macros as well as file inputs. The macros in their turn have file inputs and these files are ones stored from the first app. 


I have tried Group assets by tool and including all the files as well as deselecting all the files and only keeping the macros for the two subsequent apps. When doing so, I get the following error message for all the input tools that reads the xlsx files.

I have tried both absolute paths as well as updated all the files to relative paths from Options -> Advanced settings -> Workflow dependencies for both the two subsequent apps. 




It confuses me a bit that when I click Group assets by tool, all the macros and input files for the two subsequent apps is located under the second app and no one under the third app. 

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Hi @sandrajansson ,


When I publish chained apps to the gallery I export the first workflow in the designer and ensure to package all subsequent chained workflows as assets.

This packages them all into a single workflow which you can then publish as an admin to the gallery. This ensures all workflows are packaged together when publishing.


Hope this helps,