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Publish to Tableau Server Credential Update

11 - Bolide

Hello community, I am looking for some advice. I currently have several workflows on our Alteryx server that publish TDE's to our Tableau server using the Publish to Tableau Server tool. Every quarter, I am required to update my password for the Tableau server, and I end up spending a good 2-3 hours going through all my workflows on the Alteryx server and updating my password for every Publish to Tableau Server tool. Does anyone know if there is one centralized place where I could change the password once and all my workflows become updated? Any thoughts on a better way for me to do this?

8 - Asteroid

If you are able to get an exception to the password change, perhaps the creation of a generic Tableau account, independent of your own, that is allowed to publish?  This ensures that you, personally, are still held to the password change requirement and the generic account acts more like a "Service."  Use this generic account on all of your Publish to Tableau Server tools instead of your own.


Good luck!



11 - Bolide

Thanks @gene_denny. Unfortunately, generic credentials aren't an option in this case... I appreciate the suggestion, though!

7 - Meteor

Did you ever find a solution for this? I am running into the same issue and this could turn into hours of work each quarter as I continue to build out more workflows with dashboard connections. 


Updating this - there's a new option called Data Connection Manager (DCM) that does exactly this in versions 2021.4 and later! Here's some information about it. 

It essentially allows you to store your credentials in one location and then utilize the associated credential in the tool - so when it comes time to change your password, you only have to do it in one location! Here's a list of DCM supported connectors and tools (note this link is for 22.3, so you may need to change the version to see what is supported on 2021.4+)