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Possible to update directory tool within Gallery?


Hi - I've been stumped on this this afternoon:


Ideally I#d like to be able to update the Directory Tool via an input text box - eg:


 However - unless I specify a dir in the Directory tool - I get the error as shown - it does not seem to receive the value when run as an app at all.


Any ideas would be much appreciated.




Hi @jonesen


Thanks for your question! It's not clear from your screenshot which value in the directory tool you are updating via the action tool. 


If you are trying to update the folder path, then I recommend using the 'Folder Browse' tool. In your workflow, you must select a directory to begin with, but the Folder Browse tool + Action tool will update this path. 


Hope this helps!




Hi - and thanks,


Yes it was the folder path I was attempting to update  - I did look a the folder browse tool but unfortunately it's not supported for running apps in the Alteryx Analytics Gallery - which is where this workflow ultimately needs to go.


Good to know on the requirement to provide a initial path for the Directory Tool - I'd wondered about that - thanks for the clarification.




Yes, you are correct - the folder tool is not allowed in the Alteryx Analytics Gallery, but if you host your own gallery it is possible to use the Folder tool. 


Once you updated the default directory, were you able to get this working?






i'm facing the same issue.

How do you update the directory in a macro, dinamically? the macro works if the current alteryx location is given to the Directory (default).
The goal is to list the files on different shared folders, showing the example below.