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Permanently Delete Workflow Results


Hey fellow Server users,


when I run a workflow/app in the gallery or through the scheduler on the server, the results of the workflow remain stored on the server. Obviously, so I can still download the results later.


Currently, we have a project where we need to make sure that no data is kept longer than necessary on any server other than the primary storage. Which brings me to the question:


If I delete an entry from the "Workflow Results" page, is the results data permanently removed from the server machine? Or is there a copy stored somewhere in the server's MongoDB or filesystem? If so, is there a way to make sure the data is deleted at some point?


Couldn't find anything definitive in the community yet, so I appreciate some insight from you!






Yes- the server admin has several 'Persistence Options' available in the Controller section of system settings to set the delete timings for things like results, schedules and uploaded files.