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Ownership of Alteryx Workflow

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Hello All,


I have built an Alteryx workflow which will be used by different teams in my Firm. This workflow has multiple logics and formulas in-built.


My question is if I do not have access to shared drive of all the teams using this Alteryx workflow because they have their own team shared drives assigned to them but I want the output files to be saved in their specific folders in their share drives. Can I share the workflow with all the teams but keep the ownership of Alteryx workflow with myself so that no other person can edit or delete the in built formulas or logics in the workflow. 


Just wanted to know if there is a possibility to achieve it or Transfer of ownership to each team is only possibility ?


Sahil K



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Does your firm have Alteryx Server?

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Hi Luke


Yes it does have Alteryx Server . 





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In my opinion then it would be best to deploy it to the server and have the teams interact via the gallery. This would allow them to run the workflow but not be able to modify it outside of what you let them modify (i.e. if you make it an app)

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In that case if I Publish the tool to Alteryx server as an owner and they can run the tool will the output be saved in their shared drive even if I dont have access to their drive. Currently all the Outputs are saved in my team shared drive but I wont have acces to other teams drives will it affect . 


I tried copy pasting other teams folder path in my output and did a UNC but got an error "Directory does not exist" , this is where my confusion is. Will it affect if the tool goes into server under my ownership. or is it a good idea to distribute workflows to each and every team and let them be the specific owner if that makes sense. 



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Hi @skotian1289 


That's a good point. If you don't have access to those locations, or the Alteryx Server doesn't have access then you'll run into issues. Those could be resolved with the help of your network team, though. I think it comes down to what your firm's policies are. If you want to hand off the workflows to the various teams with the appropriate documentation and let them be responsible for anything after that then that's probably the easiest approach. If it's sensitive and you want to maintain control then there's a bit more legwork. Perhaps others have different ideas. 

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Create a collection on the gallery and provide access to all necessary partners involved w/ this solution. Provide yourself admin access then the remaining analysts whatever appropriate access they require. You will need to make sure that the server/Service account has access to the appropriate LAN drives so that it may read/write to those locations and maintain the functionality of the solution. You'll need to work with your network admin/security team to confirm that. Make sure that the address in the workflow is the absolute address and not an alias address that the server may not know (\\CORP\hdr\data\alteryx vs O:\\alteryx) 

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Hi @skotian1289 ,


You can possibly convert the workflow into an analytical application. Through that you can ask the user to input the output path(to their specific shared drives). You can then use this path to dynamically update the output tool.


You can also encrypt the workflow and share locally so that no can open or change the logic, but still be able to run it on their machines. 


Hope this helps.