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Opinions - Upgrading Server to 2019.3 (currently on 2018.4)

8 - Asteroid

We are currently on server version 2018.4 and we are looking to upgrade. Originally, I was looking to only shift to 2019.2 thinking it would be more stable than the newest release. 


However, I see a lot of new features (particularly in Designer for 2019.3 and was reconsidering). 


Has anyone upgraded to server 2019.3 -- any major issues you encountered? Is it worth some of the new features? Interested to know your thoughts 




Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi there@aehrenwo !

Given the effort required to perform a Server update, I wanted to let you know that a 2019.3 update is coming soon. If you do decide to go with 2019.3, you might be best-served waiting for that to come out.




@aehrenwo Agree with @TanyaS . 


If you do plan to update, here are a couple of articles you should take a look at.

Troubleshooting a failed MongoDB migration - Server 2019.3

Troubleshooting a Failed MongoDB Migration - Server 2018.1-2019.2