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Not able to get the output file


I am facing a new issue where I get a success msg after executing a workflow (via gallery) but I am missing an output xlsx file.


Usually, in previous workflows, I was able to download the output file and am not sure, why am I missing it in this particular workflow. I checked in View - User Interface settings and things look fine.


Any suggestions/thoughts on this?


Thank You!

@dkchandana3 in the gallery, the view - user interface settings have no bearing on whether a file gets displayed; instead, the location of the output file drives whether the file is displayed or not. The only 2 locations that will be displayed in the gallery are files output to 1) the workflow directory (file.csv or .\file.csv or %Engine.WorkflowDirectory%file.csv would all work) or 2) packaged assets (which get saved to an _externals folder inside the workflow directory. They are packaged when you save to the gallery via the workflow assets dialog).


Hope that helps! 

To have the file output after a workflow is run via the gallery i typically name the output with no file path just OutputName.xlsx. Or if you want to have a preview .pcxml. I have noticed format issues with .pcxml , nothing major just fyi.