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New Tableau Output Tool with Gallery

7 - Meteor

We have incorporated the new tool into our workflows and can successfully update Tableau running those workflows using a generic PAT on our individual machine designers.  We can also successfully publish the new workflows to gallery.  However, when run on gallery, the workflows fail with error 'Failed to signin to Tableau'.  


Any ideas as to what is happening?

9 - Comet

Hello @eccl318 ,


Please check if Alteryx Gallery's Run as account has access to required tableau URL.

You can find run as account on Alteryx server within Alteryx System Settings.


5 - Atom

Hi, maybe you could solve? I use the same tool Tableau ouput v 1.1.1 and at the time of scheduling I get the error 'Failed to signin to Tableau'.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @eccl318 @barcris,


Are you able to access the Tableau URL on the server machine? Are you able to sign into the tableau server when the URL loads on the server machine?

Are you able to run the workflow on the Server machine designer as a test?

If there is a run-as user configured within Alteryx System settings, please make sure the URL can be accessed. 


Does your tableau site have MFA enabled? If it does, please check the following article.



If this helps, please like this post and mark it as a solution. If you have any other questions, let us know. 




5 - Atom



I am having the same issue. Can you please attach a screenshot of where you update if the account has access to the URL in the Alteryx System settings? I cannot find where to ensure it has access to the URL.

11 - Bolide

Hi @eccl318 , 


To make a successful connection on the gallery communication needs to be allowed between your Alteryx server and to the Tableau server. If it already exists please check the below checkpoints as well.

- You must have DCM SDK set to "Allow All" on the Server machine (screenshot below)

- Workflows must be connected to Tableau with a DCM connection that is synchronized both on your local machine and the Server. The DCM Data Source must be linked to a Credential that uses the personal authentication token (PAT).

- Note: to synchronize, I went to File > Manage Connections > Synchronize > selected my Gallery > then pressed "Synchronize" in the top-right corner. The sync was bilateral, meaning local DCM sources went to the Server, and Server DCM sources came down to my local machine.



Ariharan R