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Multiple Gallery Instances on Single Alteryx Server

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I am new to community. I am working on a project and the requirement is as follow -


Company is already using Alteryx Server & Gallery for data driven solutions & collaboration for one of business division. But now we want to implement Alteryx for another division and they want to keep Gallery space of the 2 divisions totally separate.


Question is if there is possibility to create more than 1 gallery on single sever? If yes, what are things to be considered in terms of performance impact & scalability.


If not, what is the best solution in the given scenario.


Any other valuable information is very appreciated. 🙂


Akash Saxena

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Alteryx server is flexible enough with a single deployment to handle separation of content and resources under one gallery.


To separate content, you can leverage collections to house the workflows that are specific to each team. Workflows and apps will only be accessible to those users/groups you give access to the collection. A best practice here would be to share a collection with a group of users rather than individual users.


To separate processing, you can horizontally scale the server and leverage job tagging. In this case, in order to make sure that team A's workflows do not compete with team B's workflows, you provide dedicated workers for each team. This is relatively straight forward to do and can completely remove competition for resources. This solution will require you understand the Alteryx Gallery Architecture, how to scale, and job tags (toward the bottom of this article).

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Thanks @harb. Could you also let me know if there is any additional cost involved in getting another "worker" as mentioned in the posts you shared.


Also, is there any limit on maximum number of workers that can be assigned to a single server?

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@Akash2093 there is an additional cost; you will need to procure an Alteryx Server Additional Capacity license and then add the node to your deployment. This is a great article that addresses a lot of those concerns: I would reach out to your Alteryx account representative and inquire about that additional capacity-- it is a reduced cost compared to the Alteryx Server product. 


I am not aware of any limit on the number of workers that you can deploy. There are considerations to scaling horizontally that I may have mentioned before but here they are again for good measure:


Please let me know if you have any other questions!