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Moving workflows from 1 Private studio to another

7 - Meteor

We use the gallery as our source control for all of our workflows.


We recently had a developer leave the company and he had a bunch of workflows in his private directory that I want to take ownership of. Currently I am just changing the studio key if I need to work on one of his workflows in the gallery. Is there a way to just move the workflows in his studio to mine? I figure I can download them and save them to my gallery, but then I'll lose the history and I assume the api information will change as well.


I didn't see any obvious way to do this in the gallery or the desktop client.




11 - Bolide

Hi Jay,


With the current version of Alteryx Gallery, there is no "move" or "change owner" functionality, and you will need to download and republish from your account to assume ownership of the workflows or apps. 


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5 - Atom

Is there any update on this? is this on the road map?

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This is a good article on the matter.


Where it says this isn't reversible, that is somewhat true(as there is no 'undo' button). However, you can move the workflows back by just following the steps again but in reverse(make sure to remove any workflows from the source gallery that you don't want to move over). Once complete go into the Jobs tab on the admin page and enable the workflows once they are back. 

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Not being able to move workflows or change the ownership is a big obstacle for any organization. Users will leave or responsibilties change. Downloading and republishing means losing all schedules, history, collection assignments and so on.

Is there an idea for this that I can vote up?

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I agree this is a major pain point we are experiencing. 


Is this on the road map? 

8 - Asteroid

If you want this feature, please up vote this idea:
Allow Transfer of Owner from one Workflow to Anoth... - Alteryx Community