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Migrate server from on-premise to Azure details

6 - Meteoroid

Good afternoon friends


We have been asked to scope migrating Server/Gallery from on-premise server to Azure. 


Previously we have carried out server installs and upgrades for on-premise installations and a fresh installation in Azure, but never migrated from on-premise over to Azure. 


Please can someone point me towards some help pages so I can do some self learning. Additionally, could anyone share any carefully written notes or discussion items.


I'd be super grateful for any help 🙏 


Regards, ianjonna

11 - Bolide

Following this thread so I can see how others have handled migrations in general; we are undergoing one and it is a total cluster.  


Our use case may be a little extreme considering somehow the database was corrupted and we had to start from bare bones, but even with that, I'd love to know how others have handled migrating database connections, macros, workflows that reference local file paths that change at migration time, schedules, the works.  


My first thought would be to estimate a time that it will take you do to this and then multiply by 5.