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Migrate Test server setup to Prod Server

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I am looking for insights on the most effective way to take ALL content and structures that are set up in our TEST server over to our PROD server.


All workflows

All analytical apps

All macros

All schedules

All districts

All collections


As well as everything that is custimized in the admin section.


This should all be stored in the mongoDB instance i suppose. Can I backup the server and restore it to prod?

If not, can I run any scripts to do this job?

If not, can I copy all Alteryx folders from TEST and replace the ones in PROD?

Or any other way to do this in bulk?


Would love to learn the answer to this myself....


We have been trying to get an answer from Alteryx on the same, nothing so far!


@jensroy @dharini @8088 


Perhaps you are still interested in moving workflows and apps to a different server.  If so, you might find a user's comment helpful.  The information there doesn't cover organizational structure like collections and districts, nor does it help you set up schedules, so you'll still have to do that part "manually."

Lisa LePome
Customer Support Engineer -- Knowledge Management Coach
Alteryx, Inc.

@jensroy @dharini @8088 


The new API endpoints are a great way to migrate apps/workflows etc. in a programmatic way to a new environment.  If you are looking to just take a copy of your TEST environment and overwrite your PROD environment you absolutely can also take a back up of the MongoDB itself and restore on the PROD machine.  The main thing to consider here is that this is not going to preserve anything that's already on the PROD environment - you're just making a mirror image of TEST.  You'd also need to ensure that your PROD environment has permission to reach out to all the same places and has access to all the necessary dependencies for your workflows in order to make the transition seamless.  Check out this link if you'd like to know more about the Backup and Restoration process:

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Thanks, I was hoping that I could replace everything from TEST onto PROD for starters.

I also tested this and it worked flawlessly.


For others reading this thread, I did the following steps:

1. Upgraded both servers to the same version (2019.2)

Then On the test server:

2. Stop the AlteryxService

It did not stop, even after 10 minutes because a job was running. Therefor I closed the Alteryx process as well. Make sure not to cancel this process if any critcal workfow is running.
3 Open Command Line as administrator
4. Run the following  "C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\AlteryxService.exe" emongodump=c:\temp\dumpOutput

5. Copy the folder that got created  c:\temp\dumpOutput to clipboard (around 1.5 GB)

6. Start the AlteryxService

On PROD server

7. Stop the AlteryxService

8. Past the above folder into c:\temp

9. Run the following from command line as administrator "C:\Program Files\Alteryx\bin\AlteryxService.exe" emongorestore=c:\temp\dumpOutput,c:\temp\restoreInput

This extracted the MondoDB content into a folder C:\temp named  restoreInput. So I could have changed the parameter of the Run Command to point directly to the install path of the MongoDB. I did not, but no worries.

10. Copy the content inside "restoreInput" to the MongoDB directorey. Do not copy/paste the folder itself. For me it was the default location "C:\ProgramData\Alteryx\Service\Persistence\MongoDB"

11. Start AlteryxService


And that was it. The whole structure of scheduels, user settings, collections and everything else was successfully transfered from TEST to PROD.

Keep in mind that ALL schedules were transfered as well, meaning they were active at both servers at the same time. You will need to disable all schedules from TEST, one by one.


Thanks @ChrisHe for your feedback.


If you do what @jensroy did, you might still have issues with the new/PROD server updating to reflect subsequent changes to the gallery (e.g. Users, Workflows added).  There is now more comprehensive documentation on the best practice in the Stand Up a New Server section of the Alteryx Server Host Recovery Guide.

Lisa LePome
Customer Support Engineer -- Knowledge Management Coach
Alteryx, Inc.
Alteryx Partner



Thank you so much for this post, I have been trying to find this comprehensive information for a long time and it is very useful!