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List of Alteryx Tools utilizing API calls


Is there a list of API's that are active with given tools on the server in the documentation anywhere? Here's the impetus for the question:  on our Gallery instance we have several apps that are attempting to utilize base maps to allow users to select/assign points on a map. We've noticed that when those apps run, the maps don't refresh upon open like they do when we build them on the desktop. The server is in a locked down environment, so when we attempted to have apps incorporate a reverse geocoding function we had to whitelist the TomTom URL handling those requests. The base map layer we were using was Carto Positron - by changing it to TomTom the maps now refresh (SA's whitelisted those IP's). So I'm trying to understand all the tools that may have API calls, and to where so that we can proactively whitelist our server rather than bumping into them.

Thanks for any help, or push to relevant posts.





Generally many of the tools in the Connectors menu will utilize API calls.  Ex. AWS, Marketo, Azure, Sharepoint, etc all use API calls to get their data.


It sounds like your issue might be broader since you need to explicitly whitelist any internet calls.  Things like rendering map tiles can incur an internet call depending on what mapping layer you have specified to use.


The best way to solve this would be to use a program like Fiddler when running a workflow that you intended to publish to that server, and checking to see all the web calls its making.  Then you can verify if anything new needs to be whitelisted on your server.



Sounds like a good route to go. We have wireshark on that box already, so we'll engage that resource. Ideally, we wanted to get away from an app by app monitor and having artisans, or the fallback admin (me), doing it whenever the need arises. I'd guess a general rule besides the connectors will be tools directly involved with inputting a default resource (Spatial, Mapping), especially those in purchased data packages.