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Limit access to workflow using password

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I have faced a problem and I wanted to share with you which was the solution for me, maybe can help others.

To limit viewer access to a workflow on Alteryx Server we are creating different collections and give access to that certain collection only to the users who need to run that particular workflow, which is a good practice process when using Alteryx Server.

The issue appear when the user is also artisan. Since all the artisans are in the same private studio, everyone has access to all the workflows uploaded on that particular studio.

This particular workflow is reading data from Alteryx server MongoDB, so no input needed. That's why to limit access to unauthorised persons, due to audit constrains, I have added a password which need to be input before running the workflow.


How I did it:


1. Put all the workflow tools in a container

2. Add a Text Box tool and an Action tool and connect them to the container.

3. On Action tool select "Update with formula" and select disabled option


4. Enter the following formula: IF [#1]="YourPassword" THEN "False" ELSE "True" ENDIF


Now only the ones who know the password can run the workflow.



If you want to do it more fancy:


5. Add a text input tool followed by a message tool and add your custom message.

6. Put them in a new container

7. Repeat steps 2 and 3

8. enter the opposite formula from step 4: IF [#1]="YourPassword" THEN "True" ELSE "False" ENDIF


Hope it helps!