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Limit Runs for a workflow on server

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Hello all,


Is there a way to make a Gallery Server only run a workflow one at a time. My particular example, I have a App that is getting called by an API and this App is overwriting a table. Because of the overwrite, I want to have the App running one at a time. Is there a setting in the Gallery that will make this one App only run one at a time. 


So if 5 runs were called from the API, 1 would run and 4 would be queued. 





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14 - Magnetar

Hi @KevinHarrison 




Why you don't include in your APP a step of checking your table to check if it has already been updated on that date, if so, do nothing if you don't perform the update.

By creating the last update field for example you would be able to validate if the table has already been updated by comparing the field with a DATETIMENOW for example

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Maybe we could do something like that and we might have to rethink the table setup. I first thought I am not sure if that works for us right now. We are thinking of doing append but then we would need to do some kind of refactoring in another workflow. 


High overview, we have multiple users (up to 100) that could run this App through an Extension on Tableau using API. They are updating some kpi's and then the data will reflect those changes. The problem is, what happens if 100 people execute the App at once. Right now we are working on regulating what is being run within the code of the extension but would love to have Gallery just queue everything from that appId. I imagine a way that you can say if this appId can only run one at a time.