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Json payload size time


I'm trying to find solution to my workflow for sending 50 rows per call . I have  database - getting data from - building json from the tables data  and posting on rest api call .  but data from this tables is huge 50 Mb where as my rest api accepts only 5 mb per call . im using throttle tool per minute 50 records , when I'm using tool i''m not able connect my download tool at the same time for posting data . My workflow waiting for throttle to complete all the records and then download tool starts post .due which Json data size is same when it is hitting download tool for posting .I have also tired waitasecond micro ,for that same it is happening same . Any suggestion will really appreciated 

Can you post a copy of the workflow? Feel free to leave out any confidential/proprietary information.


In my workflow data is coming from database - before json build - I kept throttle 60 records per min , then convert to json  and sent it salesforce marketing cloud . After json build formula has two paths one for getting token , and other for json payload which I build  , join them and post it again in download tool .