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Jobs stuck in queue

12 - Quasar

Hi All;


Several jobs, both scheduled and manually 'Run' on the server are in queue for a very long time.

Each of them state the following:


"The original worker assignment this execution was created with appears to be offline. It will not be executed until the assigned worker becomes available again."


Does anyone know what this means and what can be done?


Thank you.

9 - Comet

Our location is encountering the same issue after executing an upgrade of Alteryx Server from 2020.1 to v2021.3.  Full reboots of the server do not release the jobs from queue, however it is possible to cancel the jobs.  Please advise if there is a solutution available.





Hi @HomesickSurfer @KJennings 


Depending on how many cores you have enabled within your Alteryx Server Environment, you will only be able to run or schedule workflows based on the amount of cores you have. Please see the link on how to configure this setting within Alteryx System Settings. 




You can also delete entries from Queue tab as below:


Open Alteryx Designer on Controller Server --> Go to Options --> Open View Schedules --> Click on Queue tab


Here you can sort the results based on dates and can view 500 results at a time.
You can select required to delete and you can delete it by pressing the minus button (-).



Hope this helps, if it does please like this post and if it helps resolve your problem, mark it as a solution. If you have any other questions, please let us know.