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Job Queue Visibility for Non-Curators


I'm wondering if there is a way to give Artisans (or Viewers, I guess) visibility to the job queue like Curators can see.  We are trying to reduced the elevated access in our servers, and we have a few users who are asking to keep Curator access solely for the ability to see jobs in queue.  While that reason alone won't stop me from removing them, I wanted to see if I can do anything to help them keep that visibility.  Thanks. 


Hey @afox1 ,


The full Server job queue is not something that's currently available to non-curators.  However, as of Alteryx Server 2018.4, the ability to see shared schedules and workflow results by job was made available for members of the same Private Studio. This requires a curator to turn on the "Shared Schedules" setting in the particular Subscription/Studio and then all users in that studio can see/edit workflows and schedules done by others in that studio.


I know it's not exactly what you're looking for but it could help you to move some Curators down to Artisans if the jobs they need visibility into are all published in the same Studio.  I definitely encourage you to make a post over in our Server Ideas section so others can have the chance to vote for the functionality you're looking for!



Thanks ChrisHe. I'm aware of that functionality, but it doesn't quite accomplish what I want. I appreciate the response, though.

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