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Issues with AD Authentication




I've installed the latest version of Alteryx (2018.4) and went through the setup, leaving most settings as default and changing only the hostname as well as Authentication to Windows Authentication.


However, once completed, I'm not able to login to the default "http://hostname/gallery" page. There is a login prompt and whatever AD account that I try does not log me in. I've tried adding domainname/username and just username but none of which logs me in.


Can I know what I'm missing? Sorry do let me know what other information i can furnish to help.


Thank you.


Has the DNS been set up by your IT for the custom URL?


Sorry I forgot to add that I was trying it from a browser on the same Alteryx Server so it is not really a name resolution issue of the hostname.


Can you open a Windows Command prompt and ping that web address? It seems like there's something wrong with it.


That said, can you go to http://localhost/gallery and get to the gallery from the server machine?


Any solution on this issue? I am having same issue on Alteryx 2019.1. I have just installed and configured Alateryx 2019.1 on Windows Server 2012 R2.  II have selected IWA for authentication. Gallery works with url: http://localhost/gallery. However with http://hostname/gallery prompts me for credential. 


I was able to resolve the issue. I used wrong user name for gallery admin during configuration. When corrected the user, IWA start working.