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Issue with SAML Configurations (Failed to start Authentication service)

6 - Meteoroid

Hey All,



I am doing SAML Authentication for our Alteryx Server and filled in the required fields and when I click on Verify IDP I am getting Failed to start Authentication service. Check your settings and try again error on the bottom edge of the configuration screen. What are possible reasons for this error to occur?



  • Our Alteryx Server was stood up with Integrated Windows Authentication. We trying to get it switched over to SAML authentication.
  • We have verified IDP URL, IDP SSO URL, and X509 certificate to be valid.
  • ACS Base URL is something we are not sure. Since our base address is, we have the ACS Base URL to be 
  • Alteryx Version: AlteryxServer_x64_2019.2.7.63499






Do you have the below lines in the certificate box? If so, try to remove these.






Also, please make sure that you remove the new lines so all the characters are in a single line.

6 - Meteoroid



Yes, both the begin and end lines were removed. I also made sure to copy and paste the certificate string into notepad first. Then I copied that over to the x509 certificate field box. I get the Failed to start Authentication service error.




Just a thought, can you ping the IDP from the server successfully? I'm wondering whether there could be a firewall blocking the communication?

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @KennyD ,


I think the problem might be that you've already spun up the config and created the MongoDB with Windows authentication. I believe you have to delete the DB and re-build when you change authentication.

You can find the location of the MongoDB in the persistence setup section of the config.