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InboundNamedPipe::ReadFile: Not enough bytes read. The pipe has been ended.




I set up an working in Designer and it ran successful with no errors, how ever when I copy the workflow to put on the Alteryx Server and ran the workflow it give me the following error message


server error.JPG



Any advise on how i can get this to work on the Alteryx server without getting this error,







Hello Andrew,


Inbound Pipe generally relates to running out of memory on your machine.


What are you trying to do? I often see it when people have large CSV files as their input.  Try making the delimiter /0 then parsing it out using text to columns.  




I am trying to load couple of tabs from a spreadsheet (xslx), 1 sheet has 10 rows with 2 columns and the 2nd sheet has around 7k rows with 78 columns. then I transpose the file and do a match on the colunm names and add any missing ones and then update an sql database. Tested it on my pc and works ok and just doing a test on the server before putting it in the gallery.


It works fine on my pc but when I put the workflow onto the Server it is given me this error.


On your server system settings,


How many simultaneous workflows?

What is your join/sort memory?


What is your servers RAM?




Answers are in red


@NickC wrote:

On your server system settings,


How many simultaneous workflows? 10

What is your join/sort memory? 0 (default)


What is your servers RAM? 15GB







Can you try lowering the number of simultaneous workflows?  We generally recommend the number of cores - 1.  On a basic deployment this would be 3 simultaneous workflows.  This means the 15gb will be split 3 ways instead of 10x, which will give your workflows a lot more RAM to run.





Hi @NickC 


On your server system settings,


How many simultaneous workflows? 3

What is your join/sort memory? 0 (default)


What is your servers RAM? 15GB


I am still getting the same error, please advise