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In-db tool not working on Server


We created on OleDB connection which works fine on Designer but when saving to Server we receive below error:


Tool 9 - Unable to find connection "connection name".

It happened also for ODBC in-db connection.



Alteryx Partner

The ODBC connection probably needs to be defined on the server as well.


I imagine that your connection name does not exist on your server. So it doesn't really know what to do with it when it gets it. Rather than create the connection can you just have the raw connection string in there and see if that works?


On this note, you should check out the gallery connection feature of Alteryx Server. It's SUPER NICE when managing connection names as they are created and managed from the server and the ability to access these named connections is granted by that admin. The ability to see this connection in the designer is the only permissions really granted, you still need access to that data source for it to work.


IN_DB Connection File (embedded credentials) is the key!

@HenrietteHdid a fantastic post on this.


By embedding connection string into the workflow Alteryx Server simply needs basic ODBC driver.

Once workflow is triggered from server level - embedded credentials are given to the database