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In-DB connection on app published to Gallery

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hello. I have what I hope is a simple question.  I have built a very simple app that uses some In-DB tools that work great on my desktop computer.


however when I try to publish the app to our analytic gallery, i get the error "Unable to find connection 'MYCONNECT'.


MYCONNECT is the name of the connect that I set up using the drop down option "manage connections" from the Connect in-DB tool, and then I set up the connections in the tool that pops up.... I used a sql server connection and simply followed the prompts... 


Do i need to somehow set up the same connection on the server in order for this functionality to work?


Thank you!


Hi @JohnBell,

To create the connection on your Alteryx Server as a system connection you'll want to make sure Alteryx Designer is running with elevated permissions. To do this find the icon to launch Designer. Rather than double clicking it right click on it and choose Run as Admin.  When Designer launches you should now see the option to create the System connection type in the Manage In-DB Connections window.


This post has a trick to always run Alteryx Designer with elevated permissions.


Hope this helps!

Peter Stoddard
Premium Support Advisor
Alteryx, Inc.

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So I`m following all the steps as you did. Connections to server and user were set with the same name and same configurations. However, when I`m trying to add the workflow to server I get the following message:

"[TEST.yxmd] Tool 1 - Error SQLDriver Connect: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified". any ideas what should I do?

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@bsharbo, i want to question to you..

how to connect database with alteryx, i want to sent image...


@kurirjne the best course would be to create a new thread in the Designer section so that the community can best assist. Please include a screenshot and the database you are connecting to.



Sophia Fraticelli
Senior Solutions Architect
Alteryx, Inc.
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Did you ever get this fixed?  


My co-worker is getting the exact same message; works fine on his local machine, but when saving to our company's gallery he gets that message.


I'm worse off; I get that exact same message when saving to my local machine, and I do have the driver setup on my local machine.


I was on a webex with alteryx support, and they weren't able to fix it either; it's being elevated.


Thanks for any added information...



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I still wasn`t able to solve the issue. I`ve rewritten most of the workflows to sql queries, so that I could use it on the server. However, I can`t do that on the workflows that are creating temporary tables, as temporary tables just seem not to work in the usual input...:(


Please share if alteryx support comes up with the solution.



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Will do...



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It sounds like everybody in here has already verified their drivers, but when I had this issue the problem was that our server had an updated version of the ODBC driver we were using. So the server was not recognizing the older version. once we updated on our local machines it and set up the ODBC with the new version worked fine. 

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so every user that leverages in-db will have to have their specific connection configured on the server for every in-db connection? This seems cumbersome? 

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Hello Peter,


How exactly can I add the created connections on the server please? 


If it is like  :


Then how can I create a connection per worker? I have two workers but only one Gallerx


Thanks an Regards