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Guidelines for publishing Apps to Server


I have been running into issues where Designer Apps do not work, or behave differently, on Server than they do on Designer. Things like file browse does not work in Server Apps and the Browse tool does not work in Server Apps the way they do in Designer Apps.


Are there any documents or training materials available explaining the differences in functionality between Designer Apps and Server Apps?


Many thanks,




Hi @wwatson 


Thanks for taking the time to post. There is a lot of content on the community around creating apps, but typically they don't behave all that different in designer vs server.


When you say the file browse interface tool does, what's that you are referring to? As to my understanding the input works the same, the output is different due to it being an option that's loaded back to the server to be downloaded, rather than specifying a location on your machine for example.


And yep, as it's running on your server, you'll need to use outputs rather than browses if you want/need to display information back to the user.


Directory tools can't be used on a server due to the mapping from your machine on entry to the servers itself. AKA your L drive may not be the server L drive.


After that I am not too sure there are many huge differences.


Thanks for the response Joe.


The Browse tool output is used a lot in Designer Apps. It is a pity it does not work as an output in Server Apps.


The Directory tool is extremely beneficial in Designer Apps and it is a pity it does not work in Server Apps.


i will continue my exploration of differences between Designer and Server Apps and post further clarification questions if necessary.


No problem.


I am glad you are finding the browse tool very useful in Designer. The idea is that on the server it's more around running and outputting a processes, where as the browse is used in design mode, more when you are checking processes and logic.


I should have been more clear, its the directory interface tool, rather than the actual directory tool


Great stuff, ask away any questions.