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Gallery status code 403




I have added a member to my collection on the gallery and I have gave him the permission to, as a user, be able to add other users. However, when he tries to add any new users he gets the following:


" 'Person' could not be added to the collection. Request failed with status code 403. "


Anyone able to tell me what this status code means and how I fix this issue?



@Ellie_P   Has it been tried on more than one machine?  I would suggest starting there.

Alteryx Partner

Along the same lines as @patrick_mcauliffe  I would try doing this with a new collection and a different user to see if it's more systematic or not. If you do see this issue I'd advise to reach out to as you might need to reindex. Keep us posted on what you find!


Hi, I had same error - I used workaround adding user permission via admin and it worked