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Gallery - Looses strings in characters

8 - Asteroid

Hi all,


we created a workflow that has as output a report, which includes links created by the workflow. The workflow creates the links as expected as long as we run the workflow local. As soon as the workflow runs in the Gallery, the workflow deletes characters in the middle of the links, so that these do not work anymore.


Does anyone has an idea how that can happen. The deleted characters include letter like "y".


Thanks for a short reply.


Best regards,


7 - Meteor

If the report has any ability to interpret multiple characters expressions, it may be doing such.  Could be interpreted on the way out to the report or in the report itself when the report is opened for the first time.  you can test by removing punctuation from the links and see if all of the letters are present.  If so, you may have to escape out the punctuation so there is no double byte or other interpretations.

Good luck.  



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi Wolfgang,


Please email us at and I'll pick this up for you.


Kind regards,


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