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Gallery Collection Permissions

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Hi Everyone! 


Can someone help me with a gallery/collection permission question?


Is it possible to give other gallery users permissions to publish workflows into a collection that they did not create? Or is the creator of the collection the only user allowed to publish into that collection?


If permission can be given to other users, can you please explain how to give the permissions?





Hi @eras2,



With the 2019.2 server release additional functionality has been added to Collections to allow Artisans from other studios to be able to collaborate at the Collection level. Artisans no longer need to all be in the same studio to collaborate on workflows. Collection Help page.


@GiuseppeC also has a comment below regarding using Collections to collaborate.


For versions 2019.1 and older please follow the suggestions below to collaborate on workflows stored in your company’s Gallery



In order for multiple users to add workflows/apps to a Collection they will have to be added as Administrators to that Collection, which discussed in this Community article.


In order for someone to be an Admin on a Collection that person also has be be a part of the Private Studio where the Collection exists.


If user A has created a collection that user B needs to be able to work with/modify, User B will need to join the Private Studio of user A.


To do this the Subscription Key will be needed for User A.  This can be found in the Gallery under the Settings Icon (cog wheel in the upper right), choose Settings. Then under the Private Studio tab there is a section called Subscription. Make noke of the Subscription Key and give it to user B.  

private studio gallery screen.png






































Now for User B to join User A's Private Studio, User B needs to find the Private Studio tab and their Subscription key. User B should make a note of their original Subscription Key. Repleace the original subscription key with the one from User A and click Save.  Now if User B clicks on the Private Studio button on the left of the screen, User B should now be in User A's private studio. Now following the steps highlighted in the above link, User A can make User B an Admin of the Collection.


One note about Users and Private Studios, users can only be a part of one Private Studio at a time.  In the above scenario, if user B wants to work with something in their original Private Studio, User B will have to go into Settings, Private Studio tab and change the Subscription key back to their original key.  Currently this is the only way to go between multiple Private Studios.


Also, here is a link to our Server User's Guide.


Hope this Helps.

Peter Stoddard
Premium Support Advisor
Alteryx, Inc.

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We're having to switch subscription keys to do that and it is a pain.  Is there anything in the works to have a more elegant way of providing this functionality?

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Just be aware if you change subscription key, you will no longer have access to your workflows tied to the original subscription key. so delete / download workflows first - change subscription key then re-publish! fingers crossed this will be fixed in future server release in late 2019????


Hi @eras2 and all,


just bumped into this all post and thought it'd be worth sharing that from version 2019.2 on things have changed, compared to the accepted solution.

In particular: 

"Manage the users

  1. Previous versions of Collections allowed users to view a single users' assets that they had made available. In this release, we have worked to ensure that you can easily bring in people to collaborate on assets, rather than just viewing the information."


Hope this helps,