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Gallery Autorestart


We are currently on 2018.3 version. There is this constant gallery crash that happens and after the crash, gallery service do not restart on its own and as a result we need to take a quick outage and restart the entire service. I see its fixed in 2019.1 version. Did anyone test it?


Alteryx Partner
Alteryx Partner

Hi @hmadari ,


I have seen this issue before an upgrade did help in conjunction with some altering of settings in the Server. We found turning off Insights also helped.  I would take a look at your Server settings if you have access to make sure there is sufficient memory.  In regards to the recovery, if you go into the Windows Server Services under Alteryx Services>Properties>Recovery you can alter the on failure settings and adjust to restart services. The two boxes below will also let you set the count interval period (I would recommend 1 day) and the restart interval can be set to 2 minutes.  These will at least attempt to process a restart before you get involved.