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Gallery - App won't run

6 - Meteoroid

HELP please.

We have an app which has been working fine.

However today when I try to run the app I'm getting an error that the App interface could not be loaded.

Then the run button gets greyed out and on mouse over a no entry sign appears over the app icon.

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening, seems to affect other apps as well.

Attached is a screenshot.


Any help would be appreciated

6 - Meteoroid

Looks like there might have been a problem with the Gallery yesterday as the app now loads and runs.

Yesterday several people were getting the "App interface can't load" error.

6 - Meteoroid

Apps not running again, "Interface can't be loaded".

Also apps removed from Public Gallery and placed in creators private studio.

Please can someone help with what's going on?

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

One question I have is what type of interface tools are you using?


Secondly, as this seems like a technical error I think you should raise this with so they can jump on a screenshare and review the issue with you.



6 - Meteoroid

Not sure what the tools are the app was written by a colleague.

It has file selectors on the home screen to load files to use in checking data entered in another excel file.

The app ran fine yesterday, but won't run today with this error.

Also other apps on the Public gallery won't run either not just ours so looks like an issue with the gallery not our apps

Thanks for the response.

8 - Asteroid

This happened to me when I tried to run a workflow that was created from a more advanced version of Designer (2018.4) than what was running on Gallery (2018.1).  Make sure your Designer is a compatible version with Gallery.