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External Source List Box App Server Error: 500 Server Error Timed

6 - Meteoroid


I am having an issue after uploading an App to the Alteryx Gallery.

The App works fine offline but I run into the following error after publishing and running the App





Server Error: 500 Server Error Timed out in InboundNamedPipe::ReadFile: after 30000 milliseconds


It appears to be something to do with the list box connection because if I upload the App with a manual list the questions populate and the App runs fine and produces the desired output.

Testing with 1 List Box also works fine but when I add the multiple list boxes this error appears.


I am connecting to Teradata via an ODBC connection


Any help ?




6 - Meteoroid

Also receiving this error on a couple of occasions



Alteryx Partner
Alteryx Partner

I see that this is a little bit older, but I am currently having this same set of issues, do you remember what your solution was?

Treyson Marks
Senior Analytics Engineer
PK Global
6 - Meteoroid

Hi Treyson,


I didn't actually find a solution, I ended up using a tree list as a work around. 1 because I couldn't get it to work this way and 2 because it made more sense with my data being hierarchical.


I did manage to get a reply from an Alteryx engineer as below.


"The issue is that we append the ids of all the previous jobs in the chain to a key.  In order to keep the instance of the chain going, this key is built out in a cache to preserve all of the proper inputs that led up until this point and we run out of bytes after the 7th app.  So, on chained app #8 this error occurs.  It does indeed appear to be the same issue for this customer as well as the community post you’ve referenced below. 


I have bumped this story up in our back log so the team can take a look and give me an idea of the level of effort to fix this.  The fix would be looking at reducing the size of this key so we don’t run into this caching error.  If it’s a smaller level of effort to fix, I will request that we look at trying to do this within the current development iteration.  I’ll keep you posted on what we determine”


I received this on the 17/05/2017 and I'm yet to hear anything else back


Hope this is of some help



8 - Asteroid

Hi @milesac - Did you ever receive an update to your case/ticket? We're experiencing this issue today and wondered if Alteryx ever made progress on fixing the caching error.

*Also hoping Alteryx support will see this and respond.