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Error: Macro's on shared drive

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I am looking for some tips on the following:


We wish to store Macros for all our users on a Shared Network drive.

Let's imagine the UNC path of the folder is this \\\corperate\folder\ALTERYX\CONNECTORS


In this folder I have a macro named "Test macro" inside a folder also named "Test Macro".


All local machines can reach these macro by simply assigning a network drive to the path above. Pallets and macros show up for all users.


The server is a different story. I have read that it does not support Network Drives for schedules. Only UNC paths are accepted.


So i go to user settings and I add the UNC path to the macros:



Now, opening the Alteryx Designer on the server I get the following error:


There was an error loading a macro: there was an error opening "\\\corperate\folder\ALTERYX\CONNECTORS\FINANCE\Test macro\Test macro.yxmc": Invalid URI: The hostname could not be parsed."


So, how can we both share macros on a network drive, and at the same time be able to schedule workflows without packaging the macros with the workflows?


HI @jensroy 


It looks like the server doesn't actually have access to that UNC path?


Can you open the folder in Windows Explorer on the Server itself using the path you mentioned?

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Hello @JoeS !


Yes I can reach the "folder" via File explorer from the server. Both when I connect to it with remote desktop on the server or from my local machine.

But when I try to run a workflow  using a macro on the shared network drive, via the Gallery it also fails.

When I add the UNC path to "Search Path" for macros it also fails when I launch the Alteryx client on the server.


In addition the "Run as" system settings is set as my user on the server.


Sorry, I missed the fact that you had @SSL in the UNC path.


This calls a WEBDAV protocol to then access the location, currently this isnt support by the scheduler/server element. 


There is a request here to enable this. I'd recommend adding a comment with the reason you need it to give it some more weight.


Is there a way you could set up a share using a standard file share? Or even map a network drive to the same letter and location on all machines? This is what I did when I was a customer of 8 years