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ERROR :Unable to find the dll: TableauAPI_x64.dll

6 - Meteoroid

Hi Team,


I have getting this Unable to find the dll: TableauAPI_x64.dll Error after I upgraded my alteryx version 2018.3 to 2020.2. This problem only occurring in my Virtual machines not in my local system. All proxy setting have been verified by Alteryx support team as well  but still not able to rectify the error. I tried running alteryx designer on "Run with Administrator " ( Elevated ) mode or Non administrator mode too but no luck.

TableauAPI_x64.dll file also present in my c drive.


Can anyone help me on this please.



8 - Asteroid

Try to install a lower version of publish to tableau tool(.yxi) from the public gallery. Previously this tool was not a part of default tools in alteryx but of late they incorporated it into the og setup and perhaps broke it with upgrades. After the install drag and drop the tool onto the canvas and right click to select the version of the tool.

6 - Meteoroid

Thanks @Tyrion_Lannister 


So you mean to say this latest version of publisher would not be working in latest version of Alteryx??



8 - Asteroid

Might @Tyrion_Lannister or someone comment on solving this problem when one experiences it with .TDE output attempts? I confirmed the presence of TableauAPI_x64.dll.