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Dynamic App Interface selection in Gallery

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I have 5 analytics app (basically 4 phases of an activity and 1 dynamic interface selection) and if processed in a sequential order at same time, then they are correctly chained through interface designer.

However, when user completes 1 phase any day and logins again, he should go to next phase directly without traversing through previous phase. To accomplish this, I have used a workflow which dynamically process the relevant XML and create the chained workflow.


This is working great in desktop but I read on the same learning material that it would not work on Gallery.

My business use case require usage of this interface app by more than 150+ associates and hence, we wanted to achieve the same on gallery. My 2 questions are as following,

1. Is this chained feature feasible in gallery through my process ie dynamic XML. I tried to upload the first app (assuming others will auto save) but my system hangs for some time and then Alteryx closes. Even if I remove the dynamic selector, while saving, system hangs and then closes so I feel the saving issue is with regards to number of chained apps.

2. Is there another way to perform the same activity.

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Hi @nikhilgurg ,


The chained feature is feasible in gallery.

Please make sure your workflow dependencies are properly set for all the workflows.


If you can share your sample workflow, I can help you with that.





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Can you clarify with an example App yourself.  I had similar conversation with Alteryx Support and engineer and was told there was no way to dynamically change the Chained App in an App in the gallery.  we can do this outside the gallery as we can open and read a flow or app from another flow, change content and write it back out.  Wa la! we programmatically change the App.  


BUT in the gallery the flows/apps are stored in Mongo and the gallery is its own beast  and the ONLY way I have found to modify a flow or App in the gallery is edit through Designer.


Maybe you can publish a flow back to the gallery from another App though an API call?


As I understand the original problem it is the same as mine.  I want to be able to dynamically alter the chained App of a running App.  The purpose/value is to allow us to have an initial selector App where the user decides what action or activity they want to do and based on the response modify the App to chain to.  


Outside Gallery I can do this by making an intervening App as the means to launch the selected App and reading in the xml of that App and changing the chain wizard field to the selected App then writing it back.  then the current app finishes and chains to the modified "launch" App which has a verify interface question 

so they don't get an app popup with no question leaving them wondering....another irksome issue with apps.


but when you put in the gallery it goes into mongo and you loose all ability to modify code dynamically.  unless you have some secret?  I hope?

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Hi @fharper ,


While publishing the app please make sure all the workflow dependencies set as UNC.

It will then not save the copy of workflow in the gallery rather it will access those apps through the local copy at server. You will then be able to overwrite those apps by changing the XML and changes will then reflect while running it from Gallery.


I can't share the example app with you because currently I don't have any private Alteryx Server.




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cool @sumitiiest I will try it out

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@sumitiiest I tried it and it did not work...wondering what I missed.  I went into workflow dependencies and then on saving to galleryspecified full path in the interface where you enter the chained app.


I went into the Workflow Dependencies and pulled it up and it shows full UNC and I clicked on it anyway and then clicked ok.

When saving I did not put checks on the items in Workflow Options...Manage Workflow Assets


Any thoughts?  It runs fine outside of Gallery...we are on 2019.4 I think