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Download the workflows from the Gallery


Hi Team


I am looking for a way that we can download the multiple workflows at the same time.


The purpose is to do latest back up in case the server is down.


We are doing manually download at the moment and there are 64 workflows so far and it is keep growing, then it will be really time consuming to download them one by one.


I have heard MongoDB are able to do that?


Please advice.





@ZHENGCH I just put together a blog post showing how to use the alteryx admin api. My use case was downloading all the workflows from the gallery. You can have a look and see if it fits your needs. I included an app where you would just have to put a few of your specific items like server url, key and secret.


This is great, thanks @patrick_digan




Would this API not work for a lower version like Version 11 or 10.5?





@ZHENGCH the admin api was first added in 11.3. I don't believe it's available in previous versions. The regular api is available in previous versions, but that would only allow you to download workflows from your private studio (not everybody's).