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Disabling specific Private Studio API endpoints

7 - Meteor



Is there a way to disable specific Gallery API endpoints? I see there is an option to enable/disable Admin API but wondering if within the Private Studio endpoints if there is a way to disable specific ones.


Thanks in advance. 


Hi @pvd ,


You may or may not have found this already, but there is an "API Enabled" option within each private studio's settings if you navigate to Subscriptions > ___ Private Studio.


From documentation:



API Enabled: Access to the Private Server Gallery API is disabled by default. 
The Gallery API supports the ability to authenticate, list apps, run apps, and retrieve app results using an API Key and Secret, which are accessible via Gallery Settings




7 - Meteor

Hi @NickSm


Thanks for your response. I did notice that option but that enables/disables all the Private Studio API endpoints. I was wondering if there is an option to enable/disable specific endpoints (ex: GET /v1/{appId}/package/).