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Designing App Questions Scrolling Layout


I have an analytical app that allows users to select account(s) and cost center(s) to run a detail general ledger. There are hundreds of accounts and cost centers. When building in Designer, the Questions dialog box nicely separates each question and it contains its own scroll.

2018-11-30_11-03-29.jpgDesigner lists only a few records and has individual embedded scrolls

However, when publishing to the gallery, there is only one main scroll and it lists every single account and cost center on one page:

2018-11-30_11-05-33.jpgGallery lists all accounts, 1 main scroll

Is there any way to make this look like the questions box in Designer with each individual scroll where it doesn't list every single account on one page?


I can't think of a good way to do this, but I do have an alternative to offer:

You could always put them on different tabs within the same app.

In the Interface Designer (Ctrl + Alt + D), on the right hand side, click "add" and select the drop down for Tab.  You can move questions to separate tabs that allows users to see them grouped on separate pages.


Agreed.  I can see of no other way.  It would be nice if there was an option to limit the number of lines that would appear, like there is with the tree tool.  There, if the tree gets larger than the number of lines you enter, it will provide a scroll bar within the section.