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Create Endpoint for POST on Alteryx Server

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My Goal 

I want to use the Tableau write back extension, which POSTs as shown below [1] together endpoint on our Alteryx server. The Tableau write back extension Rest API posts data in the format reproduced below and originally posts it to a Google spreadsheet. I want to instead of the Google spreadsheet configure our Alteryx server / gallery / create a workflow or app as the endpoint and would appreciate your help with this!  





Rest API

If you do not want to use Google Spreadsheets, the Extension will send the data to the Endpoint using `POST` and the data format is the following format:

                                "columns":["Customer ID","Customer Name"],
                                        "Customer ID":"MH-18025104",
                                        "Customer Name":"Michelle Huthwaite"
                                        "Customer ID":"NS-18640104",
                                        "Customer Name":"Noel Staavos"



Hi there 


You should be able to create a POST endpoint using the Download tool itself in your workflow which will reside on the Alteryx Server.


This previous Community article may be able to help you :

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Dear @RishiK

The download tool looks really good! I was searching for exactly such an Alteryx-tool with POST / GET actions. I cannot work on this workflow for a while, but I hope we can eventually post a ready-to-use workflow for other Alteryx/Tableau users with this same question.