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Connecting multiple tables from SQL database using analytic app

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I have my multiple SQL database like A1,A2,A3,A4 and A5.

Each DB has 10 tables all with same table names.( like T1,T2.....T10)

I have created a workflow where it perform actions from each DB.


I need to create an analytic app where input should be the data base name.

So each time i change the db name the functions should be performed.


Can anyone help me this.




Hi @renjankj,


Thank you for the post! There are so many ways to do this and one of them is the one below. 


1) When you configure the Input Tool, include the database name and schema in the 'Table or Query' field.



2) In the Action Tool, you will want to update the database name with the selection you make. For example, if you select database 'ABC123', the Action Tool will update the query from "Select * From AdventureWorks2014.dbo.edtestapp" to "Select * From ABC123.dbo.edtestapp"



3) The available database selections can be configured using a Drop Down Tool.




Attached please find the sample workflow. Hope this helps!

Eddie Wong
Customer Support Engineer
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Hi Eddie,

Please see the below thread for more details.

I have multiple tables as input