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Connect to Hive on the Alteryx Server and successfully authenticate using kerberos

7 - Meteor

Hi ,

I need help to set up Hive connections on the Alteryx Server (VM). This would be a generic DSN and then I want to create connection strings which will override the DSN but will also get authenticated via kerberos using the ALIAS manager. Both My Alteryx Server and Hive Database are authenticated by Kerberos. 

Issues I have: 1. I Cant use in-Db because on the server Share drive, its not secure. 2. I can parse individual user names for individual users as long as the user get authenticated at run-time. 3. I can use a service account but delegation is not an option available at the point. What kind of connection string can I create that will work for a group of users (Service account) having the user names or password? But this needs to be authenticated by Kerberos. 


I don't have a single solution to set up Hive connections which will take care of authentication and Physical DSN setup by one Admin at the same time.

12 - Quasar

I've found that using IN-DB connections with a file work very well for Hive and Impala with Kerberos.  The In-DB connection file is just an XML representation of the connection string, and since it uses Kerberos, no credentials are stored- just generate the ticket for your run-as account.  Then when workflows are published to server, the connection file gets packaged with the workflow- no need to setup DSNs on server- just make sure the driver is installed.

7 - Meteor

 Can it be reused by another user if placed in a common share drive?

7 - Meteor

I have been working with Alteryx Support for the past 6 months to resolve Alteryx connection with Hive using kerberos. This is yet to be resolved as of today. If you have succeeded then can you provide details on the setup. In my case i can connect to hive using excel, tableau etc using Kerberos  but not with alteryx. ODBC connection test is fine. While using Alteryx i get error message failed to get username. I use alteryx version 2018.4.5.


Get Table List Error: Error SQLDriverConnect: [Simba][Support] (50363) Failed to get username. (Routine Error:
Unspecified GSS failure. Minor code may provide more information
Mechanism Info:
Unknown code 0
Major: 851968 Minor: 100001)[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver

7 - Meteor

@mgrajkumar were you able to get this resolved? I have been struggling with the exact same issue in 2020.1.




8 - Asteroid

Any updates?